Welcome to Medical Equipment Repair Associates

A sum greater than its parts, MERA is the nation’s premier group of independent medical and scientific equipment service companies. Through the power of cooperation, MERA provides its clients the operational expertise and technical resources of a large company while providing end users the local knowledge, presence, and responsiveness of a small company. Contact us to find out how MERA can be a specific, targeted partner in your service delivery strategy.

85 field service locations and 330+ technicians available that offer local coverage (within 100 miles) to more than 90% of the medical & scientific facilities in North America.

A service recall rate of less than 1%, compared with an industry average of 4-8%.

More than 99.5% of MERA calls meet the service call standards of our clients (0.4% of service calls resulted in customer complaints in 2013).

Because service is MERA’s only business, MERA is always your service partner, never your service competitor, and never takes control of your customer. MERA’s recall rate is very low (less than 1%), and MERA rates very highly in satisfaction surveys performed by its customers. MERA has built its business by successfully improving the service outcomes and customer experiences of its clients and anticipates the opportunity to support your end users as well.

MERA’s product is service, which is performed by the MERAffiliates/member companies. Affiliation with MERA is by invitation only, and critical factors are confirmed and continuously monitored. MERA is ISO 9001:2008, certified and was the FIRST national independent medical service group to achieve this status. Our quality of service and support, verified through independent certification, is a source of great pride to MERA - and defines how MERA serves its clients.

Strategic Partnerships

MERA offers a strategic service partnership that will help manage fluctuations in service volumes. We do this by delivering additional service support in key geographies, by service activity (installation, repairs, scheduled maintenance, etc.) and/or by equipment model/function – however our clients require we serve them. Additionally, our client’s service needs are typically fluid, and the support MERA provides today will often change to meet their evolving requirements.

What is MERA?

In 1973, MERA® started as twelve independent medical equipment maintenance firms who wanted to share technical expertise and resources. Today, MERA is an ISO-certified group of 65 companies with more than 85 offices and 330+ field service technicians throughout the United States and Canada. MERA is the largest, most experienced provider of independent medical and laboratory equipment service in the world.

MERA specializes in partnering with manufacturers to meet some or all of their service needs, offering both stand-alone and hybrid service programs that provide targeted, scalable solutions to our clients. MERA services a wide array of technologies ranging from simple lab equipment to complex diagnostic systems incorporating robotic, pneumatic, electronic, and hydraulic technologies. Service is our business and it’s our only business.

MERA – Dependable Service Everywhere

Some of Our Services

MERA Coverage

  • MERA North American Coverage
    With 85 field service locations and 330+ technicians to call on from those locations, MERA is within 100 miles of more than 90% of all healthcare facilities in the US and Canada.
  • MERA International Coverage
    We are pleased to recommend TIMANT, the premier group of independent service providers throughout Europe, as our exclusive partner in that geography. If your company is seeking to market its products in the EU, TIMANT is the ideal partner providing a wide range of beneficial support options.
  • MERA Market Coverage
    MERA has experience in a wide variety of market segments including, but not limited to: medical, laboratory, life sciences, biotechnology and drug discovery equipment. Our experience in these diverse areas means understanding clients’ customers and being skilled at listening to, and talking with, your customers in their specific language.